Build A Borg T-Shirt

Create your own Borg collective with this easy to use guide. All you need is a couple of specialty parts and some humans. It’s easy with the Build A Borg shirt by IDEA!

God of Tits and Wine Imp T-Shirt

Printed on a 100% cotton tee. This may very well prove that Impin is easy.

Heisenberg Inked T-Shirt

Heisenberg inked shirt. I am the one who knocks. 

"She might have fooled me, but she didn’t fool my mother."

This is a great movie.

(Source: vintagegal, via horrorharbour)

Wingman T-Shirt

Here’s to you Wingman… for all the times when you put on the beer goggles and took one for the team. We honor your sacrifice with this Wingman T-Shirt.

Kiss Me Im Irish T-Shirt

Kiss Me Im Irish! This original St. Patrick’s Day tee is our homage to the legendary‎ band KISS. Made of 100% cotton and 100% awesome this tee is ready to Shamrock and Roll!

Jesus and Santa BFF T-Shirt

Jesus and Santa BFFs. Celebrate the Christmas season, I mean Holiday season, with this “Seasonal” funny shirt. 

BFF Selfie T-Shirt

It’s great to capture a special moment with best friends. This BFF shirt is another Tshirt Bordello original. 

Bazombie T-Shirt

Bazombie - Bazinga, it’s just not scientifically possible. It might not be scientifically possible but it is a T-Shirt.

Mario Godfather T-Shirt

Here is a mashup tee you can’t refuse. The Godfather + Mario = Awesome

Whovian T-Shirt

W H O V I A N - Need we say more. This tee has it all, danger, Daleks, time travel and Doctors. Printed on a super soft fitted tee made of 100% cotton. It’s perfect for traveling time and space.

Dr. Seusshi T-Shirt

A red fish, a blue fish, they’re all sushi to me, I am a cat you see. For just a few bucks you can own this tee